Company | Bocchini Arredamenti
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About us

Our family, now in its third generation, has guided the company since 1960 and has led it to assert itself throughout the world. We have a proud history in the field of furniture and equipment for public establishments and we represent a major Italian excellence. Our values will always remain unchanged in the future, those same values which have allowed us to reach this position: our love of doing, the passion for detail, our innate sense of style, the skills to carry out the work. We will continue to generate ideas and to ensure the best quality in order to make every establishment unique, exclusive, profitable and tailor-made according to the customer’s requirements.

Our business style

Bocchini is a large family which grows steadily because each person who works within it is an important element of the whole. We want to pass on the values which have made our brand famous to each person: our passion, our style, our ability to combine aesthetics and functionality, our respect for people. Standing with our feet firmly on the ground but capable of viewing things from above: this constitutes our identity. Each person will know how to reinterpret and value it: we believe this is the right formula for success.