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Atmosphere: the secret to making your venue unique

You are strolling down the street on a mild Sunday in May, enjoying the warmth of that late spring sun, finally allowing yourself some healthy relaxation but something is still missing. Why not delight yourself with a very tasty ice cream? There are many bars you meet on the street and now you are spoiled for choice. Which one to enter? Who can you trust? Your choice will be determined by the sensations you will experience by observing the details of the various bars, the interior and exterior furnishings, the lights, the colors, the design, the attention to detail. In short, your decision will be guided by a precious factor for all public places, the atmosphere .

6 observation perspectives to create a sensational venue

An unusual sensation of ecstasy and a veil of melancholy appear in the eyes while, backpacking, your face a little tired but happy tells about intense adventures, wonderful places, encounters and people, memorable emotions and unprecedented discoveries. You have just returned from a dream trip,...

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Materials for premises: the thousand and one stories

The story of Adam and Eve teaches: everything starts with the primary materials. You may have nothing around you, but if you have the primary materials you can experience a thousand unexpected adventures.
Here, you will understand well how precisely the choice of raw materials is of paramount importance to characterize your restaurant, to define its style, to create a personal and unique atmosphere, to immerse your customers in a story they will hardly forget.

Pergolesi lounge

From the first moment we sat down to design this venue, we knew we would create something unique. We were faced with a demanding clientele, like its target clientele. We wanted the venue to be perfect in every detail: a fashionable lounge where we could serenely spend...

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