Atmosphere: the secret to making your place unique
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Atmosphere: the secret to making your venue unique

You are strolling down the street on a mild Sunday in May, enjoying the warmth of that late spring sun, finally allowing yourself some healthy relaxation but something is still missing. Why not delight yourself with a very tasty ice cream? There are many bars you meet on the street and now you are spoiled for choice. Which one to enter? Who can you trust? Your choice will be determined by the sensations you will experience by observing the details of the various bars, the interior and exterior furnishings, the lights, the colors, the design, the attention to detail. In short, your decision will be guided by a precious factor for all public places, the atmosphere .


But what exactly is the atmosphere of a club? What factors define it? And how to choose it to make yourself unique and distinguishable? Below you will find all the answers.


What is the atmosphere of a club?

The atmosphere is a silent means of communication , invisible and secret , yet essential to stimulate the five senses and arouse unforgettable sensations in people, unique emotions, regardless of any logic rational evaluation.


So what are the factors that determine the atmosphere of a venue? They are connected to the five senses, through which it is perceived, and are:

  • Color, light, size and shape , elements related to sight;
  • Music, volume and tone , elements related to hearing;
  • Perfumes, smells, aromas , elements related to smell;
  • The texture, the softness, the temperature and the shape , elements linked to the touch;
  • The flavor, the crunchiness, the melt-in-your-mouth , elements linked to taste.


By exploiting the potential of these elements, your restaurant must be able to provide information capable of stimulating positive and pleasant sensations, seductive and intense emotions, so as to convince your potential customers to trust you and experience that you can make him live in your restaurant.




The elements that define the atmosphere of a venue

Various elements contribute to define the atmosphere of a venue, which must be designed and decided with the specific intent of conveying a coherent and well-defined message .

The elements that determine the atmosphere of a room can be traced back to two macro-areas:

  • The interior of the store , i.e. all the elements that define the design and furnishings of your venue: the flooring, the lighting systems, the furniture, the counters, the toilet, the staff uniforms, the style of the menu, the air conditioning systems, the perfumes, the music, the colors, the displays dedicated to communication. Furthermore, the organization of the spaces and the hospitality reserved for customers are very important;
  • The exterior of the store , or the set of vehicles that communicate specific sensations to those who have not yet entered your restaurant. These are all those elements external to the structure: the sign, the entrance, the windows, the facade, the architecture, the parking lot, the context in which it is located.


Local atmosphere: 7 tips for choosing and defining it successfully

The atmosphere of your restaurant must be designed to communicate a specific message, to arouse attention, to excite and to win people’s trust. But how to choose and successfully define the atmosphere of your venue? Here are 7 tips to help you do this:


# 1. Start with your identity

Before deciding on the design, furnishings, uniforms, music and all the elements that determine the atmosphere of your venue, you must clearly identify what your brand identity is and what it is your personality . Who are you? What are your distinguishing features? Start here and then decide how to communicate your message.


# 2. What kind of customers are you targeting?

When defining the atmosphere with which to tickle people’s senses and sensations, you must have a clear idea of who you are addressing to . Who will be the protagonists of the experience you want to offer? What are their characteristics? What are the tastes, needs, desires? Knowing this information is essential to understand how you can win over your target audience.


# 3. The atmosphere of your restaurant must be engaging and seductive

Whatever your identity and whatever your target audience is, the atmosphere of your restaurant must succeed in a fundamental intent: it must be engaging and seductive , accompanying customers in a whirlwind of intense emotions, that will entice him to choose you today and tomorrow too.


# 4. Pay great attention to the organization of spaces

The organization of spaces is a fundamental element to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for people, to facilitate the movements of customers and also of employees, optimizing their work and, very important factor, to attract and focus attention on points of interest .

# 5. Don’t forget that hospitality determines the atmosphere

The hospitality with which you are able to welcome and make your customers feel at home is crucial to creating an atmosphere capable of arousing positive sensations and emotions that settle in the memory and in people’s hearts. We are won over by those who make us feel welcome, pampered, important , don’t forget it.


# 6. Take care of all the details

All the details of your restaurant, from the color to the light, passing through the music, the furniture, the uniforms of the employees, the setting of the menu, everything must be decided and taken care of with the intention of building a ‘ a unique and engaging experience for your customers and with the aim of communicating your identity and your message .


# 7. Communicate consistently

The elements that define the atmosphere of your venue must be defined with consistency : all in the same way must contribute to communicating your message, must tell about you, must stimulate unique and unforgettable emotions and sensations. Consistency is a determining factor for the success of your restaurant because it helps to strengthen your identity and because it facilitates the perception of the sensations you want to convey to your customers or potential customers.

Do you need help defining the atmosphere and furnishings of your venue? Do you want information? We’re at your service. Contact us !


Article by Ludovica De Luca