6 observation perspectives to create a sensational venue
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6 observation perspectives to create a sensational venue

An unusual sensation of ecstasy and a veil of melancholy appear in the eyes while, backpacking, your face a little tired but happy tells about intense adventures, wonderful places, encounters and people, memorable emotions and unprecedented discoveries. You have just returned from a dream trip, one of those experiences that will always pamper your thoughts and inflame your heart, an adventure that awakens all five senses, lights them up and surprises them. Sensational , in fact.


Here, just such an unforgettable journey is what your restaurant has to offer to customers who venture through its streets, wandering among furnishings, products and details, delving into the maze of the story you want to tell them. The secret to succeeding? Imagine your venue as a place for meeting and relating, an appointment sublimated by the setting in which it takes place , by the style and storytelling that the furniture and the atmosphere manage to weave. This is the secret to creating a unique, memorable, sensational venue. How can this be done? Stop for a moment, step over the front door and look at your place from these perspectives, probably unprecedented, perhaps underestimated, yet all precious.


6 new perspectives from which to observe your restaurant

Do you want to give your customers that memorable journey that we all dream of experiencing, that adventure capable of conquering memories and hearts? Well, what you have to do is to start observing your place from unprecedented perspectives, which will allow you to grasp the details, to meet the needs and tastes of people, to enhance your brand and your offer, to involve sensorially and to surprise. emotionally. To create a sensational venue .


Come realizzare un locale sensazionale


# 1. Your place is a meeting place

This is probably the most banal of the perspectives I am about to offer you, but it is also the one most often forgotten and underestimated. People go to clubs to relax, to get distracted, to meet people, talk, relate. Too loud music, for example, is a deterrent that you need to pay close attention to because it annoys people. And the distance between the various tables and coffee tables, how should it be? Not too close but not too far away: it must guarantee privacy and intimacy but it must not create distances and mistrust either.

Everything in your restaurant must foster the human desire for encounter, relationship, spontaneity .


# 2. Your place is a place to come back to

Your venue must be a place that people want to come back to . You have to put them at ease and make them feel good, welcoming them gently, creating a suggestive atmosphere for them, planning an exciting adventure. The furniture of your restaurant must host them, must inspire them and must arouse feelings of well-being and positivity. The atmosphere , of which I told you about its importance in this post , must suggest and pamper them.


Come realizzare un locale sensazionale


# 3. Your restaurant is your story

The only way to make your place unique and distinctive? It must tell your story and only that. Everything, starting from the tables, passing through the floors, the windows, the lighting, the furnishings, the details, everything must tell the identity of your brand, show your personality, tell your story. The furniture , in particular, is the first element of contact and communication with your customers , the most immediate way to tell them who you are and what kind of adventure they can live in your local. This is why it is very important that the furniture is identifying, well cared for, the result of careful planning, the result of in-depth research.


# 4. Your place is heart and reason

The successful restaurant is the one that manages to offer a perfect combination of heart and reason. What do i mean? That there are two narrative paths that you must plan and travel together, not on parallel tracks but on the same track, the path of reason and that of emotion. The journey that your restaurant allows customers to experience must be exciting, it must ignite the heart, arouse intense emotions but it must also lead the customer where you want: buy your products, book a table, come back to visit you. He has to get attached to you, trust you and trust you.


# 5. Your place is your customers

The most intimate soul of your restaurant are your customers. It is them that you must conquer, their heart and their feelings, it is to them that you must speak, it is their desires that you must fulfill. And you can do it. What you have to do is offer them an experience that involves and excites them, that not only satisfies them but also does something more, surprises them . How? You have two options and you need to take advantage of both:

  • You must offer a quality product , capable of meeting their needs and desires,
  • you have to charm them with a stylish furniture , capable of leaving them really stunned and arousing unexpected sensations.


# 6. Is your venue sensational?

Sensational, that is, capable of stimulating all five senses of your customers. Stimulating and enthralling the sensations is the secret to making the adventure that people will experience in your restaurant unforgettable. The product you offer, the service with which you take care of your customers, the atmosphere with which you pamper them, the furniture with which you welcome them, the style with which you surprise them, everything must be able to stimulate all five. their senses. If in your restaurant the taste is sublimated, the sense of smell is enhanced, the sight is surprised, the touch is amazed, the hearing gets involved, people will feel lucky and desired. They will feel in the right place and will want to return.


Infografica: come realizzare un locale sensazionale


Is your goal to offer a sensational journey to your customers? Together we can plan a unique and memorable adventure. Contact us !


Article by Ludovica De Luca