Materials for clubs: the thousand and one stories
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Materials for premises: the thousand and one stories

The story of Adam and Eve teaches: everything starts with the primary materials. You may have nothing around you, but if you have the primary materials you can experience a thousand unexpected adventures.
Here, you will understand well how precisely the choice of raw materials is of paramount importance to characterize your restaurant, to define its style, to create a personal and unique atmosphere, to immerse your customers in a story they will hardly forget.


Raw materials are narratives , they make the protagonists of stories, arouse sensations that are transformed into emotions, then into memories. And each raw material used has its own characteristics, indispensable tools for furnishing your restaurant because they are capable of evoking the atmosphere you desire.

Choosing the right materials for your venue means combining head and heart, because everything in the furniture must be functional but also emotional. The perfect combination of head and heart will make your place memorable and conquer your customers.
Everything starts from the raw material, therefore. But what are the most used materials to furnish public places? What are their characteristics? How to choose them? Below you will find a mini-guide of the materials used to furnish a room .



With what materials can I furnish my public place?

Depending on the stories you want to tell, you can choose the materials with which to furnish your place. The secret? Combining very different materials to perfection , playing with the contrast of the sensations evoked. Think of a furniture that plays with wood and metal, embellished as it is by unique geometries, by surprising light effects, by tactile sensations so contrasting with each other.

Here is a guide to choosing the materials for furnishing your restaurant.

Materiali per arredamento locali


# 1. Wood

Noble and strong, wood is the material of the earth, leads back to the origins, to the roots, to solidity . It is probably the most used material in interior design, highly appreciated for its strength, resistance, solidity and for its ability to characterize environments, immediately transmitting a sense of warmth and welcome.
There are different types of wood, each with specific characteristics and suitable for certain uses. The specificities depend on the essences used, ie the type of tree from which the wood comes and the processing it undergoes.
Wood is a noble and valuable material, which preserves the fascinating signs of time , of the adventures, of the stories that have been.


Choose the wood for the furnishing of your restaurant if:

  • you want to evoke visceral sensations, those of the land from which it comes;
  • you want to characterize it with a prestigious material;
  • you want to make the atmosphere warm and welcoming;
  • you are looking for an impact resistant material
  • you want a material that will last over time

 Materiali per arredamento locali


# 2. The metal

One of the most current and very popular trends is the use of metal as a material to furnish public places and characterize them with a touch of sophistication and refinement .
Metal is a strong and solid material that is easy to work with and also to color. When combined with wood, metal makes your furniture elegant and unconventional at the same time.
Metal is a material that allows you to furnish your restaurant with personality, because it comes from the bowels of the earth and gives solidity and strength to environments .
The coldness with which the metal surprises the touch disarms and the unpredictability of its play of light conquers.


Choose the metal for the furnishing of your venue if:

  • you want to give a refined and unconventional atmosphere;
  • you are looking for modern furniture;
  • you want to characterize it by conveying a sense of solidity;
  • you want to create unique furnishing combinations;
  • you want a decor that welcomes you with decision.


# 3. The resin

Resin is a creative process, material that is transformed thanks to the skill of man , which is characterized by the creativity and skill of artisan hands. Resins are new generation polymers increasingly used in public places, both in furnishings and in furnishing accessories, appreciated for their originality and infinite choice.
Often combined with uniqueness with more traditional materials, such as warm wood and cold metal, the resin is characterized by great resistance and malleability . Strong and sturdy, it can take any shape you want. This is why the resin gives personality and uniqueness to the environments of public places.


Choose the resin for the furnishing of your restaurant if:

  • you want to furnish with creativity;
  • you want personalized furniture;
  • you need a strong and resistant material;
  • you want to combine traditional materials with more modern materials;
  • if you are looking for a material that is easy to clean and easy to maintain.


# 4. Recycled materials

Very popular in recent times, recycled materials allow you to characterize your place with unique and original furnishings, with infinite creative possibilities . The extra advantage? They are with low environmental impact and allow you to differentiate yourself and stand out thanks to your eco-sustainable choices, which respect the environment and those who live in it.
Ancient objects come back to life and are used with new and unprecedented functions, in which fantasy plays a leading role . Thus, your room could accommodate a characteristic bar counter made with pallets or cardboard tubes, an old staircase can become a delightful hanger, plumbing pipes can serve as support for shelves and shelves, magically scraps of wood they can turn into unique chandeliers.
With recycled materials, creativity frees flight, surprising amazed customers and visitors.


Choose recycled materials for the furnishing of your venue if:

  • you want to give voice to your creativity;
  • you want a place that tells about you in an exclusive way;
  • you want to add a touch of memorable originality to your furniture;
  • you want to opt for an eco-sustainable choice.

Materiali per arredamento locali


# 5. The pottery

The material that probably preserves the most ancient history , whose origins date back to the Neolithic period and which today is used in furnishings for coverings, decorations, tableware and furnishing objects. Much appreciated for its hygiene , for its resistance to abrasion, frost, foot traffic, ceramic is also chosen because it is waterproof and easy to clean.
There are three types of ceramics most used in furnishings: terracotta , with its characteristic reddish-yellow color; porcelain , which is the most prestigious ceramic and is chosen above all for objects for decorative use; gres , which takes on different colors depending on the quantity of ferrous compounds present and which is used for flooring and coverings.


Choose recycled materials for the furnishing of your venue if:

  • you need a material that is hygienic and easy to clean;
  • you need a strong material;
  • you want to decorate your room with particular ceramic inserts, with majolica, with terracotta objects or with porcelain.


# 6. Glass and crystal

Glass and crystal are light and elegance , they are fluidity of shapes, they are visual lightness and refinement. They are the material of transparency, luminosity, purity . Glass and crystal give the rooms a characteristic lightness and airiness and transmit sensations of pleasant relaxation thanks to the light they emanate and the solidity they provide at the same time.
Flexible and versatile, glass and crystal lend themselves well to giving voice to the creativity and manual skills of the craftsmen.
Used for stairs, shelves, tables, shelves, coverings and furnishing accessories, glass and crystal are a contemporary and trendy material, loved for the elegance, refinement, play of light and brightness they offer.


Choose recycled materials for the furnishing of your venue if:

  • you want to distinguish it with a touch of class and refinement;
  • you want bright environments;
  • you want to convey a feeling of pleasant lightness.



And now are you ready to play with the combinations of materials and to characterize your place with a personal and memorable style? Ask us for more advice, contact us !

Article by Ludovica De Luca